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What People Are Saying About Us.

This Is What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“George is the best, hands down!  I have both purchased and sold a practice with him, and would do it again in a heartbeat.”
Adam Thompson, DMD (Practice Buyer and Seller)

“I think my accountant summed it up when he said that was the smoothest business sale I have ever been associated with!”
Greg Moore, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“Dr. George Stollings is a first class person who runs an outstanding operation.  I felt like I was in good hands through the whole journey of selling my dental practice.  Thank you, George.”
Glenn E. Sutherland, DMD (Practice Seller)

“I cannot imagine another person doing a better job ushering me through the entire transition process.  George became my “Partner” in the negotiations, and his guidance, advice, and support were truly outstanding.”
Dr. William Stiebel (Practice Seller)

“George has the experience & expertise to work with the attorneys, bankers & buyer to get the job done.”
Larry Stroud, DMD (Practice Seller)

“You found  a buyer for this unique situation & structured it fast and fairly — Both parties were happy.”
Dr. C. W. Sisson (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

” I appreciate your work on this transaction.  I want to compliment you on your documents….  ….you eliminated much of the back and forth negotiations that would be expected absent such fair documents.  This saved considerable time in getting this transaction closed…. ….you are to be commended on a job well done as the broker and I hope we have the opportunity to work together on another transaction.”
Doug Thomson (Attorney)
Thomson Law

” George was knowledgeable in all aspects of the sale.  He also understood all the emotions involved in a sale.”  A good man.  A paragraph is not enough”.
Laura Bowman, DMD (Practice Seller)

“From the beginning of the process to the closing and beyond, George impressed me with his thoroughness and efficiency.  Buyer, Seller, attorneys, lenders, accountants, were all informed of what was expected of them and when.  I could not have asked for a more seamless transition.”
Thomas Sholar DDS (Practice Seller)
North Carolina

“George was great.  A thoughtful, responsive & thorough broker for my deal.  He made the process smooth from start to finish, for both parties.  Would absolutely recommend.’
Tyler J.

“...A very professional, first class service.  George takes what can be a rather complex transaction and breaks it down to very manageable components.  He was honest, straightforward and very committed to my process.  He provided a very valuable service.  I truly enjoyed working with him.”
Dr. Nick Staarmann (Practice Seller)

George, you have done an excellent job of putting the deal together.”
David Black, Attorney
Louisville, KY

“Dr. Stollings’ services were thorough, legitimate, and essential for our successful transition.”
David Eller, DDS (Practice Buyer)
West Virginia

The service that you provided was exceptional.  Your knowledge and guidance was invaluable in successfully selling my practice.  I felt like I had a friend helping me along the way.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone thinking of selling their practice.”
Robert Reese, DMD (Practice Seller)

The best decision of my dental life was to hire George D. Stollings, DDS to sell my dental practice.”
Robert Short, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“George assisted with every aspect of my practice sale.  He is most competent, very organized, and unbiased in his fairness to both the seller and buyer.  Beyond that, George truly cares about his clients.  He is easily accessible and delivers what he agrees to or promises.  I am most pleased with his services and would recommend him time and time again.”
Gevony Williams, DDS (Practice Seller)
North Carolina

“First class from start to finish.  Showed he cared for all involved.”
Dr. Gerald Marx (Practice Seller)

“The years of experience that Dr. Stollings has showed in every step of the process.”
Thomas Meals, DMD (Practice Buyer)
West Virginia

“Top tier in knowledge, patience and support”
Shannon Kemper, DMD (Practice Seller)

“Exceedingly professional throughout.  Top of the line experience.”
Robert D. King, DDS (Practice Seller)

“I recently sold my dental practice to my associate and utilized George Stollings to facilitate the transaction and sale.  He is fantastic to work with.  George is thorough, organized, and helped to minimize the hassle and headaches of a complicated process.  I highly recommend his services.”
Mark Harvey, DMD  (Practice Seller)

“Your work has been exemplary.”
Mark Shepherd, Kentucky
Attorney For A Recent Practice Seller

“The time, energy, and therefore money we saved using Stollings and Associates was well worth it … ….I would highly recommend.”
Stephen Warnick, DDS (Practice Buyer)
West Virginia

“Very impressive experience with no flaws.”
Calvin Fuller, DMD (Practice Seller)
North Carolina

“Would not have been able to complete this process without George.  Thanks so much.”
Kelly Arnold, DMD (Practice Buyer)

“George was absolutely the “Best” to work with, his counceling was “spot on”!”
Vivian French, DDS (Practice Seller)
​West Virginia

“Very thorough.  Excellent guidance through difficult times.”
Robert Lamarre, DDS (Practice Seller)

“This was the second time that I needed George for my practice transition / sale.  He did not disappoint.”
William Denton, DMD

“George’s guidance through a very complex process was invaluable.  Without him, the outcome would have been much less successful.”
Dr. Steve Hieronymus (Practice Seller)

“George Stollings went above and beyond the call of duty from start to finish.”
Dr. Patrick Cobb (Practice Buyer)
West Virginia

“George was helpful beyond measure – I would highly recommend!”
Dr. Chris Nichols (Practice Buyer)

“Thanks for hanging in there with me and being patient with me during many trying times.  I will never forget your sound, brotherly advice that helped guide me, for this to come to fruition.”
Earl Price, DDS (Practice Seller)
South Carolina

“George, your expertise and professionalism were truly exceptional.”
Greg Wrobleski, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“George has been great to work with from start to finish.  I could not be more satisfied with his service.”
John Dixon, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“I couldn’t have done this without the help of George.  He really makes it stress free and one less thing for me to worry about.” 
John Farley, III, DDS (Practice Buyer)

“Meticulous preparations, clear and concise representations, equitable negotiations……”
Jay Cunningham, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“George’s knowledge of the industry, his contacts in the banking community, & personal integrity were invaluable in the successful sale of our practice.”
Bill Burnside, DDS (Practice Seller)
North Carolina

“I don’t believe I could have a more experienced, capable, and knowledgable representative and adequate to guide me throughout this process!”
James C. Thurman, DMD

“I would recommend George Stollings and Associates with no reservations of any kind.  He is quite knowledgeable and very easy to work with.”
Michael D. Spreng, DDS (Practice Seller)

“George Stollings made buying a practice enjoyable and as stress free as possible.”
Dean Paxton, DDS (Practice Buyer)
West Virginia

“My practice was small but George treated me with the same respect and service as he would a million dollar practice.”
Practice Seller

“I originally worked with one of the large national consultants but they didn’t have a realistic sense for our local market like Dr. Stollings does.  I can’t imagine going through the practice evaluation and sale without his help and guidance.”
Charles Wright, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“…George is very persistent and organized. My lawyer was very complimentary. It would not have been completed without his services.”
Edward Atkins, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“George handles every aspect w/ professionalism & character. Knowledge, experience, readily available. What more could you ask for?”
Charles Swisher, DDS (Practice Buyer)

“George’s knowledge and experience made this sale very smooth and hassle free.”
Allen Vanatter, DDS  (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“George Stollings’ service was excellent.  His ability to organize and guide through a complicated process was invaluable.  Do not attempt to stumble through practice sale / transition alone.”
Dr. William McCormick
West Virginia

“Could not have done this without Dr. Stollings…”
Greg Prater, DDS (Practice Seller)

“Engaging George Stollings was a great business decision. He made a complex process smooth, organized, and very professional.”
Michael Conley, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“The services provided were priceless. I would highly recommend.”
Greg Carman, DMD (Practice Seller)

“Very professional and comprehensive services.  I would highly recommend this company.”
John Bogers, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

​RE: Dr. Stollings: “The reassurance he provides with his attention to detail is unmatched and much appreciated.”
Taylor Townsend, DDS (Practice Buyer)
North Carolina

“Our attorney said it best. ‘George Stollings really has his act together. A very professional approach to selling a practice.”
Charles Lake, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“George took are of the logistics of our practice acquisition and made it easier for us to take care of patients.”
Zach Gregory, DMD (Practice buyer)

9th inning. Bases loaded. 2 outs. Full count. Behind 1 run. Go to guy – Doc Stollings.”
Mark Grosshandler, DDS (an avid baseball fan)

“He provided knowledgeable advice every step of the way. I cannot imagine purchasing a practice without Dr. Stollings’ help.”
Joseph Wiggs, DDS (Practice Buyer)

“George’s services are invaluable whether you are selling at your peak or in a declining period.”
Louis Leslie, DMD (Practice Seller)

“George is very complete and competent in all aspects of the sale.”
Robert Skoretz, DMD
West Virginia

“Your services and expertise should be seriously considered by anyone selling or purchasing a dental practice. Working with you was a 5 STAR EXPERIENCE!”
R. Brooks Legg, Jr., DDS
West Virginia

“George makes it personal… … He looks beyond the sale to insure that the needs of both seller and buyer are met.”
Josh Treesh, DMD (Practice Seller)

“George’s handling of our sale was one of the most organized, well thought out, professionally handled transactions that I have been involved in. Very, very thorough.”
Jack Eblin, DDS (Practice Seller)
West Virginia

“The detail and thoroughness of the services was impressive.”
Mark Huntsman, DMD

“George’s breath of experience is very apparent.  My transition was painless with his help!”
Matthew Miller, DDS (Practice Buyer)
West Virginia

“Dr. George Stollings services were perfect for the sale of my practice.  His knowledge and experience was instrumental in the sale….”
Evelyn Clark, DMD (Seller)

“I believe I could not have sold my rural practice without George’s assistance.”
Mark Spiker, DDS (Seller)
West Virginia

“George told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear.”
W. Bruce Combest, DMD (Seller)

“Very experienced broker with very clear concepts on the sale of a dental practice.”
Daniel Reynolds, DMD (Seller)

“George Stollings and Associates handles practice transitions professionally and efficiently.  I highly recommend their services.”
Thomas Hulsey, DMD (Buyer)

“Quick, professional, personal!”
Jinyoung Kim, DMD (Practice Buyer)

“First Class.”
Robert Krieg, DDS
West Virginia

In Regard To Our Practice Sale Planning Service:

“George Stollings’ Practice Sale Planning / Assistance Report provided all the detail I needed to have a smooth and successful practice sale. Requiring only one meeting with my accountant and lawyer and 5 or 6 emails, the sale was completed… …This could not have been done without the report. My attorney was very impressed with all the details.
Thomas Ryan, DDS (Client that utilized our Sale & Transition Structure Planning Service)
Columbus, OH

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