Dental Practices For Sale In Kentucky

George Stollings And Associates provides quality brokerage services to dentists wishing to buy or sell their dental practices in Kentucky. The Practices For Sale Page shows all of the states we offer our services in.

  • No fees charged to buyers of listed practices.
  • Revisit this page periodically to check for new opportunities.
  • For additional information on any sale please contact our Company.
Dental Practice Sales

Prestonsburg, KY – Practice For sale:  (JUST SOLD) Long established practice.  Collecting ~$383,000 per year. 4 opertories.  Digital x-ray.  Eaglesoft software.  #E510GDSC

Ashland, KY Area – Practice For Sale:  (JUST SOLD)  2019 collections were ~$581,000.  Good profit margin.   Good patient base.  2 hygienist hygiene department.   4 operatories.  No Medicaid.  Depending on buyer’s preference, office building can be leased or also purchased.  #E509GDSJ

South Central, KY – Practice For Sale:  (SOLD) Great career and income opportunity.  Near great recreational opportunities at Lake Cumberland.  Collected ~$1,084,000 in 2019.  5 operatories with room to expand to more.  Nicely equipped.  Digital x-ray.  Practice owner also owns the building.  Depending on the practice buyer’s preference, the practice owner will either lease the building, or also sell it to the practice buyer.  #F439GDSH

Northern, KY – Fort Thomas Area – Practice For Sale:  (SOLD) Collected ~$726,000 in year 2019.  7 operatories provide room for growth.  2 hygienist — hygiene department.  Eaglesoft software.  #M508GDSP

Bowling Green, KY – Practice For Sale: (SOLD)  $400,000 collections in 2019 on 4 day work week.  1 & 1/2 hygienists work in total 6 hygiene days per week.  5 operatories.  No Medicaid.  Office real estate can be leased or purchased.  Depending on buyer’s preference, owner will leave at the time of the sale, or stay to work a short time after the sale to assist in the transition.  #NKGDS507T                       

Lexington, KY — South-East Area of the City — Practice For Sale:  (SOLD)  Practice collects approx. $600,000 per year, has 4 operatories, has no Medicaid, has a 2-hygienist recall program, and has digital PA and panoramic x-ray.  #G504GDSS

Near Lexington, KY — Practice For Sale:  (SOLD)  Located in a growing area about 15 minutes from Lexington.  Collecting ~$676,000 / year.  Active recall –2 hygienists.  Cone beam.  CAD CAM crown milling. Digital x-ray.  Implant motor.  Dentix software.  5 operatories, and room for a 6th.  Equipment is left-right versatile.  No Medicaid.  #A502GDST

South-Central, KY — Practice For Sale:  (SOLD) Collections in recent years in the $1.2 to $1.3 million / year range.  ~30 minutes from Bowling Green, near Barren River Lake, Dale Hollow Lake, and Lake Cumberland.  8 operatories.  No Medicaid.  Eaglesoft software and computer charting. Digital x-ray.  Cone beam CT.  Hygiene department has two hygienists.  If desired by buyer, owner will stay to work for a period of time after the sale, to assist in transition.  #J439GDST

Louisville, KY –  Practice For Sale:  (SOLD) Collections in recent years in the $990,000 per year range.  Eaglesoft software.  Computer charting.  5 operatories.  Digital x-ray.  Cerec.  Developed hygiene department with multiple hygienists.  Office space is leased.  #T440GDSW

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